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--I have been an actor and a voice teacher for 30 years. I found the experience of taking Helen's shamanism for actors workshop to be reviving, renewing and very nourishing for my soul. Her work sparked creative impulses that had been buried. But in addition to renewing a love for communication, both inner and outer, the work invites one to open up to complete new horizons of theater making. Her linking of healing with acting in a very practical way felt revolutionary. The work is high experimentation and always feels like it's on the brink of altering mind, body and spirit toward greater and deeper modes of expression. While grasping and honoring traditional acting approaches, Helen also investigates ways of expanding human potential for alternate modes of accessing reality in order to merge the extraordinary with the pragmatic needs of theater. She restores a power to the actor that is both ancient and futuristic.

M. Morgan, Actor and Professor of Theatre, University of California, Santa Barbara

--This workshop was one of the most amazing workshops I have ever done. Helen is a true Master, but also very humble and grounded. I have been on the spiritual path for about 15 years and I felt I made significant shifts in many of my fundamental core issues. The work is very dynamic, also subtle, but profound. I left feeling ready to confront the world, more confident and had a greater understanding of my true calling. I felt at last OK about who I was. - Alison, Sydney

--How do I explain the weekend workshop? I had never done anything like that before but I had read a little about shamanism and soul retrieval and it made sense to me and I felt drawn to go, though a little apprehensive. Yes, it was confronting and intense but also deeply peaceful. I felt anxious and relaxed, I felt insecure and secure, I felt vulnerable, I felt anger, fear and sadness, I cried, I felt self conscious, I felt freedom, I felt love and amazing warmth. I wasn't too sure what was happening some of the time and I felt like I'd been through the heavy duty washing machine cycle as well as the tumble dryer but by the end of it all I felt more at peace with myself and others than I ever have.

I have had therapy on and off for years but I can honestly say that I achieved more healing at deeper levels in one weekend than in all that time. It has given me a different perspective on many things, anger that I have been carrying for years seems to have dissolved. I feel compassion where I once felt irritation. So I would say to anyone who isn't sure, everyone's experience will be different but opportunities like this don't present themselves very often. - Fiona, Sydney

--Amazing and profound. More intense than I was expecting. Deep stuff which I am still processing. - Carol, Sydney

--I left the first workshop with a reduced sense of needing to 'fix' myself, I felt more solid in the knowledge that there is nothing wrong with who I am, so no need to change in order to attract the love, fulfillment or success I want in life. In the second workshop, I developed more acceptance of my strengths and talents and left more able to let myself shine without hiding or making small what I bring to the world. Helen works with our primary emotional energies in a gentle and playful yet very powerful way. I enjoyed in particular how little she worked at the mental level and admired her ability to focus on the group process overall as well as the subtle aspects and differences of every participant's process. Overall, Helen's work has taken me to a new level of being and enjoying my authentic self in the world. Thank you very much! - Vanessa, Sydney

(On the Dying Process workshop)--For me it was an experience which I didn't have 'here' but up 'there'. I was not 'earthly' and I can't recall any words to put down. It was all feeling. Something extraordinary. Please let's have it again! - Ann, Athens

--A big change has occurred for me at the death-workshop. I really am less afraid of death and this has changed my map of the world and my relation with life. - Bianca, Athens

--Since the 'Dying Process' three months ago the energy kept on working inside me during all that time. The most powerful image that I had was that of a puppet and a giant scissor cutting off the cords. For some time I felt like grieving for something that was dying inside and around me. And then walking free and alone in space, without sensing time. It seems like the work we are doing is making me become stronger, like pieces falling into place and making me ready for what feels like a purpose for me. Thank you very much. - Maria, Athens

--What a wonderful amazing workshop! This was an incredible journey through the four directions using the four power animals and a bit like the Buddhist mindfulness taking us through the whole process from anger transfroming through fear, transforming through a sense of presence through sadness and ultimately taking us back to the source, to our life purpose, the light... It was really really beautiful and has left me with an optimism that we can transform, step out of old patterns and become empowered and create the future. Thank you so much! - Emma, Lewes, UK

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