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-- If dance theatre billed as "a breathing space inspired by mystics and shaman earthkeepers" sounds a little new-agey and cringe-worthy to you, you're probably in the majority. I know I was. But if you can suspend that cynicism and - forgive the cliche - open your mind, it's worth it. Helen Fost, the dancer at the centre of this beautiful, thought-provoking one-woman show, is a truly remarkable performer. Graceful, measured and intense, she speaks and dances with a rare poise that draws you in utterly, inciting real reflection. It can be a little heavy-going at times - it's not theatre for people with a short attention span - but if you put a little in, you'll get a lot out. **** Three Weeks '09

-- There is a a subtle understated beauty to this show which is hard to capture in words. **** Broadway Baby '09

-- A performer of integrity and grace. Three Weeks '07

-- Wow, what an interesting show. **** Three Weeks '06

-- IN a quiet, centred performance of led, meditative contemplation, Helen Fost offers her audience a restorative experience to which each will respond differently. Using the immense power of vibrational sound, stillness and calm, Fost is creating an experiment in meditation in theatrical form. By the end I felt I had entered not a theatre but an altered, benevolent state of being that was at once calming, enlightening and lasting. The List Magazine '06

-- ONE of my weirdest Fringe experiences ever, the drama came from our own minds. In the wrong hands this could be scary stuff, but Helen Fost, who has trained with Amazonian Indians, seems to know what she is doing. At one point I find myself whirling invisibly around the room. The most extraordinary thing is that it all feels absolutely natural and safe. *** The Scotsman '05

-- HELEN Fost has an uncanny ability to anticipate one's thoughts. As I sit, eyes flickering impatiently over the collection of shamanistic objects on the table in front of us (a feather, a rattle, a rainmaker and a quartz crystal), I am cynical.

Then she begins to speak, slowly, hypnotically (she has trained in hypnosis), at dictation speed - as if especially for me - "the mind has a limited attention for absorbing emptiness". I feel reproved, doubly impatient. "This evening is an invitation to space, to rest in space," she continues - and I think, yes, that would be nice, but does that mean there'll be no show? Is this a scam?

On the contrary, Fost and her music take the audience on a journey through their own minds in what is, effectively, a lesson in learning to know oneself... and an hour with Fost is a strangely reassuring experience. **** The Scotsman '06

Audience reviews and feedback:

-- An incredible experience, one which I have struggled to describe to others, but which I wish everyone could share.

-- Not the normal theatre performance. But a special, individualistic performance, by each of the audience through their own mind. Skilfully guided by Shaman Helen Fost, who takes you on your own journey somehow regressing back through your childhood to a time before birth. Fantastic as it may seem from there, forward in time into the future, of light out with your physical body. Only then pushed back into the present of your here and now body. Exhausted---; Elated----; Calm----; the show ENDs. Not to be missed.

-- The performance became part of my own self and I was no longer outside looking in on it, watching and wondering.

-- It felt as though we were being "drawn out" of our current surroundings. The energy was all embracing and was felt to the core of my being. This became an emotional journey of release, healing and resolution. I was moved deeply by the experience which had stirred my soul to remember again who we truly are. It was one of the most profound pieces of theatre I have experienced.

-- As the performance ended I felt incredibly calm and a little disorientated. And very reluctant to disturb the sense of peace I had achieved.

-- My ultimate feeling is that I experienced a different aspect of my self.

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